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SYDKIMYL aims to provide a balanced approach to serving students K-12 both socially and emotionally while guiding them through their academic journey.


We are pleased to announce the official sale of my book “Let’s Talk Social Emotional Learning”. It’s a one-size-fits-all approach, that doesn’t feel ‘boxy’ and generic, but makes space for exploration of ‘tougher’ topics, while normalizing a more imaginative approach.

It creatively takes the opportunity to look closely at critical sentiments in a disarming manner. 

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virtual learning ePODS

SYDKIMYL is excited to announce a new partnership with Mecklenburg County through MECKHOPE to serve 1000 students virtually for social and emotional learning (SEL) services to K-8 students that reside in Mecklenburg County at no cost.

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Thank you to The Charlotte Ledger for recognizing me as one of the

40 winners within Charlotte for the contributions that SYDKIMYL is making in my city,


Meet Kim McGregor

For almost 20 years, Kimberly has worked with school-aged children in a variety of capacities. She has assisted with transitions between grade levels, run individual, small and large group sessions, conducted various staff trainings, served as the liaison between school and community for several outreach programs while spending most years within a Title I school. As a counselor, she believes in educating the whole child; social emotional learning is a huge part of that, and she’s doing it daily.

My entire life has led me to this point where I can help you recover from your past  and move into a future that offers peace of mind, energy and happiness. I am  committed to helping people live their best life and I understand first-hand how life changing a counselor can be to guide people through the challenges they are facing  and that is why I have dedicated my career to helping students like you. 

My professional background is in Counselor Education. I am an experienced  professional school counselor who works with children, teens and adults. I have a  Master’s degree in Counselor Education as well as 30 hours of coursework in  Marriage and Family Therapy towards an additional Master’s degree.  

My personal background can give you insight into why I have chosen to help others  as my career. Since I will ask you personal questions, I’m willing to share my story  as the first step to our building a relationship built on trust and transparency.  

I grew up in a single family home after my parents divorced when I was three-years old. I lived with my mother, who was an elementary school teacher, and saw my  father two weekends a month. My mother raised me in the Hidden Valley  neighborhood of Charlotte which was a black middle-class community that is now  mostly known for gangs, drugs and guns.  

As a child, I did not realize that 2-parent homes existed until I became old enough to  have sleepovers with my friends. Although it was just my mom and I, my father was  very constant in my life. He would pick me up every other Friday for the weekend  and I would return home to my mother on Sunday evenings. He would take me on  summer trips to Myrtle Beach with my cousins, and surprise me with trips to places  like Disney and concerts out of town. I also had the support and love of my three grandparents. 

As much as my mom loved me, I’m sure she looked forward to those weekends that I  spent with my dad because that was her “break”. My mother made sure I made it to  my extracurricular activities through the years during the week, fed me and made  sure my homework was done. I took piano lessons from my grandmother,  participated in girl scouts and Miss Donna’s dance class.  

During my 15 years of living in Charlotte, my dad remarried four more times, with  my mother being his first wife. The marriages were horrible and I was mistreated by  most of my step-mothers. Some were jealous and wanted him to spend less time  with me. His fourth wife had children and I was excited to gain two sisters.  Unfortunately, I found out around the age of 7, that my older stepsister, was actually  my half-sister, and that the affair between her mother and my dad is what ended my  parents’ marriage. This marriage also dissipated and I had another stepmother within a couple of more years. 

At the age of 15, my mother found happiness and remarried. We relocated to  Greensboro, NC where I was in another blended family situation, this time with 2  stepbrothers, and a wonderful stepfather who loved me as his own. This marriage  dissolved after 14 years.  

As you can see, I have witnessed broken marriages, have been a part of blended  families, have been mistreated by stepmothers and have grown into a happy adult. I  am celebrating 25 years of marriage this year and am raising two beautiful and  strong children. I am still living off of the prayers of my grandmothers. 

I hope sharing my story helps you understand how I became committed to helping  others and why you should feel comfortable allowing me to be your partner in  education.

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Masters of English 
Ed.D in Leadership

Ann Clark
SYDKIMYL Advisory Council

Retired superintendent Charlotte-Mecklenburg County Schools

Jametta Martin tanner
SYDKIMYL Advisory Council

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools Principal

Bert Scott
SYDKIMYL Advisory Council

Retired CEO

Individual Session

We offer students an alternative to affordable counseling services that may get overlooked within public schools.

  • 30 min session (virtual or in-person)
  • Offering students tools to support them with anxiety and depression
  • Providing coping strategies
  • Goal setting
  • An opportunity to discuss topics with a licensed counselor about any topics or issues of concern 
  • Recommendation: 5-6 sessions to build a foundation
College Assistance + Essay Writing 
  • Process: 
    30 mins to structure/outline 
    30 mins brainstorming

Essay Edit

  • Assistance with revising, editing rough drafts 

College application help

  • Support filling out the application and brainstorming the essay

High School Planning

  • Outlining a four-year plan
  • Time management, study habits, communication habits

Resume building

  • Building a foundation for a strong resume/cover letter 
    • 30 mins: Public speaking
      • Presentations for schools
      • Confidence in front of crowds 
    • 30 mins: Communication skills
      • How to hold a conversation
      • Overcoming social anxiety 
    • 30 mins: Time management skills
      • Perfect for student-athletes and students who work jobs
      • Introducing them to new tools to better manage their time  
    • 30 mins: Improved study habits
      • Strategizing new ways to study and removing distractions to make a better studying environment 
      • How to study for different subjects 
      • Tools for better study habits

School work can be challenging. Our team works with your student (K-12) to improve their academic performance in math, science, and writing. 

Community Event 

SYDKIMYL had their 1st Annual #REACHINGAMYLESTONE canned goods food drive with Steel Creek Preparatory Academy. Together over 1000 cans were raised for Second Harvest Food Bank!



Don’t just take our word for it. Hear what our scholars have to say!


I am so grateful to Ms. McGregor for helping me with my summer program applications! Ms. McGregor’s writing insight helped me get into prestigious programs at Spelman College and Princeton University! Without her help with my essays, my application would not have been as polished and professional. Absolutely amazing!! Her experience and knowledge is invaluable!

– Student, Class of 2020


I have been working with Ms. Kim since middle school! She supported my endeavors of me wanting to be an involved student in and outside of the classroom, and with that came many applications and essays. Ms. Kim taught me ways to approach my essays with ease, she reviewed the essays with me by not only explaining my mistakes but helping me understand how to improve my writing overall. Ms. Kim is patient, easy to confide in, and supportive. As a freshman in college this year, I look back on those experiences and realize they not only enhanced my writing skills but helped prepare me for college.

– Student, Class of 2019

As our son was preparing for an upcoming interview for a prestigious scholarship, we reached out to Mrs. McGregor.  She was more than happy to conduct a mock interview with him.  Although we could not coordinate a time to conduct a face-to-face interview, she was more than accommodating to facetime with him.  She engaged him, provided great feedback and pointers on his strengths and weaknesses.  Mrs. McGregor helped to prep and instill confidence in him.  With her coaching we all felt he was ready for the interview.  He was, he was awarded the scholarship!

Mrs. McGregor, thank you for your genuine concern, mentorship and assistance.  We, along with our son are forever grateful to you.

– Kim Collins

As the ancient African proverb says, “It takes a village to raise a child”, Kim has been an integral part of my village for my daughters! Kim has provided an enormous amount of support to me as a parent from considering educational options for my children to relevant, practical parenting skills. Kim has been the person we consistently rely upon when my daughters need assistance with numerous writing requirements, project planning and even advice on how to handle and communicate through difficult situations.  Her guidance, wisdom and caring, positive spirit have been valuable to our family! Kim has the gift to connect with people on such a genuine and personal level. Her gift allows you to share and express yourself with her openlyAs a result you receive instruction, support and love in one package. Priceless! 

– Pleased Parent

“SYDKIMYL has been very beneficial to our team and the children we serve. Our campers were able to engage with the SEL curriculum that provided opportunities for self-reflection, self-esteem building, and self-awareness. The lessons taught by the team with SYDKIMYL supported our youth in expressing emotions, increased positive peer interactions, and attentiveness towards the literacy shared each session. Thank you for your commitment to helping our youth towards a better tomorrow.”

– Frances Lee, Youth Development Project Manager for the YMCA of Greater Charlotte



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      We are excited to provide a balanced approach to serving students K-12 both socially and emotionally while guiding them through their academic journeys.


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